Spatial storytelling in VR opens up worlds beyond our senses and expands our horizons.

Story potential in a nutshell

  1. Beyond our senses: Perspective transforms the incomprehensible and invisible into experiential realities that lie beyond our senses.
  2. Oceanic feeling: Perspective dissolves the boundaries between self and environment, evoking an oceanic feeling and an overwhelming sense of oneness.

Spatial storytelling in VR provides a dual perspective: a literal one through dimensionality, and a figurative one through the expansion of our perception. It offers audiences transformative experiences that transcend physical boundaries. In VR, visitors can defy the laws of nature with the same ease as in a very lifelike dream.

VR is a way of translating aspects of reality that are difficult to fathom, as well as natural phenomena that simply elude our human perception, into cues that we can understand – a way of making the mind boggling and invisible things in life observable and experienceable, such as the essential life-sustaining forces of the universe, gravity, electromagnetism, photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, to name but a few.

«In VR, audiences can defy the laws of nature with the same ease as in a very real dream.»

VR's unique ability to make the invisible visible and provide «impossible» perspectives on our world can be used to create a sense of wonder and awe in audiences. By putting on a VR headset, the audience enters a realm beyond the senses, where visual, auditory and tactile cues converge to create an unprecedented form of sensory unity. This holistic fusion of sensations creates an oceanic feeling where the boundaries between self and environment dissolve, evoking a profound sense of oneness.

In conclusion, the power of perspective in spatial storytelling not only expands our understanding of reality, but also offers an immersive journey into the uncharted territory of sensory unity, a distinct advantage that sets it apart from traditional storytelling formats.

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