Spatial storytelling in VR gives visitors an unparalleled sense of depth and scale.

Story potential in a nutshell

  1. Scale and depth: Dimensionality gives the audience a true sense of the scale and depth of a virtual world.
  2. Proximity: Dimensionality enables narratives that make effective use of how close things are to the audience.
  3. Vertigo: Dimensionality allows for intense physical sensations, but also presents occasional challenges to the user.

Spatial storytelling in VR allows for a true sense of scale and proximity to objects and characters in the virtual world, unlike other media formats where the perception of scale and depth is based on inferring the actual size and relative distance of the objects depicted. By introducing binocular vision, VR creates true three-dimensional depth and places the audience in the virtual scene in a way that mimics our physical reality much more closely than «planar» media. Instead of using vision to look at a scene, it is used to place us spatially within the scene.

The blurring of boundaries between the viewer and the scene in VR can be advantageous, creating intense sensations of vertigo when participants are confronted with vast landscapes, towering structures or unexpected virtual falls, such as a sense of instability or loss of balance. This physicality is what distinguishes VR as an immersive and distinctive storytelling medium. However, it’s important to acknowledge that these same sensations of dizziness can occasionally pose challenges that affect the overall user experience.

«Binocular vision in VR creates true three-dimensional depth.»

Ultimately, scaling in spatial storytelling serves multiple purposes. It can enhance realism, allowing the audience to appreciate the sheer size of an ancient sequoia, or it can play with alienation, encouraging participants to look at familiar objects in a new way. It can encourage the audience to perceive a tiny ant as a formidable giant in the intricate world of micro-organisms, fostering a deeper appreciation for the unseen wonders of nature.

In summary, spatial storytelling in VR offers an unparalleled sense of depth and scale, redefining the boundaries of storytelling in a truly immersive way.

Sensational Dimensionality

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