The Sensations
of Spatial

The unique potential of Virtual Reality for impactful, interactive storytelling in the age of spatial computing and XR.

As storytellers, we are always faced with the question of which medium is best for telling a story. This is also the case for our studio, Inlusio Interactive. We specialize in interactive storytelling formats centered on socially relevant topics. As we began work on our debut Virtual Reality title, «Peace Untold», we were keen to learn from other creators about the nuances of the medium from a storytelling perspective. To document this journey, we collaborated with international storytelling experts to craft the field guide titled «The Sensations of Spatial Storytelling». This guide highlights sensations that are unique to spatial storytelling in VR and includes insightful reference cases from award-winning industry pioneers that exemplify specific sensations of spatial storytelling.

We hope this field guide proves both helpful and inspirational. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have feedback on the guide, wish to exchange experiences about crafting VR narratives, or are interested in discussing interactive storytelling for social change!

This digital field guide has been produced in close collaboration with international storytelling experts. We would like to thank Aida Suljičić, consultant at aisu culture and former Head of Festivals and Markets and member of the Board of Directors at Swiss Films; Raul Carvajal, producer and project Manager for Games & XR and former Director of Production and XR for Change at Games for Change; Gayatri Parameswaran and Felix Gaedke of the Emmy®-nominated studio NowHere Media in Berlin, renowned for their work in designing virtual and augmented reality experiences; Sebastian Sorg, a creative producer and freelance consultant for film and innovative media who contributes his expertise to various esteemed European committees; and Sofie Lykke Stenstrop, founder of Partout PR, author and film critic. Their invaluable creative and strategic insights have been instrumental in shaping this field guide, which has been made possible with the financial support of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture and the Cultural Office of the Canton of Zurich as part of the Covid financial support programme 'Transformation Projects'.

«This field guide describes sensations which are only possible with spatial storytelling in VR.»

The Sensations